I specialize in creating custom songs for you, whether it is a special song for your Father for Father's Day, your fiancé for your Wedding, your spouse for an Anniversary, or you Business for any day! I write personalized songs in the style of your favorite music, whether it's classical or hard rock, pop or country! Birthday songs, graduation music, get well lyrics, even music to end a relationship! Businesses love our royalty free hold music that promotes their business while enchanting their customers. Divorcees love to have us compose a special note to their former spouse. Parents get a kick out of inspiring music for their graduates!

No matter what the occasion I can create the perfect original song for you. Some samples of my music are below:

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Picken !
Last Dance
War !!!!!
For My Friends
Sun Rise
My Chakeata
Classical Hodown
Happy Song
Sail Away
Note Storm
Hi Way Surfer
Wave Runner
Duck Waltz

Acoustic Recreations
Ha Old Town Grinder
Old Town Grinder Blues
Why Oh Why
They Called Her Betty
David and the Dream Machine
David and the Dream Machine

Gig Music
Ghost Of Johnny Cash
Wonderful World
Milky Way
Frozen Heart
Wild Flowers
Road To Hell
Green Back
Solitary Man